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Residential Roof Repair


If you're experiencing problems with your roof in O'ahu, then it's time to call the experts at residential roof repair. On Top Roofing is there whether your roof recently began to leak or it sustained damage from a recent storm. No matter what situation you face, our reliable team is there for you.

DO not Delay Calling us

The longer you wait, the more damage accumulates on your roof. Let our reliable team come to the rescue. When you put off roof repairs, you risk putting your home at risk for extensive damage. Why do that when we can fix it promptly?
Red roof tiles installed by On Top Roofing

affordable and reasonable pricing

When you repair problems when you first notice them, it costs a lot less in the long run. When you leave your roof in disrepair, you leave it vulnerable to the elements. Let our skilled team take a look at the issue. We're sure you'll find it costs less to repair the problem than you think!
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let our responsive team help you

We arrive on the scene quickly so that we can assess the condition of your roof and offer ways in which it can be fixed. We're always prompt, and we're ready to work hard to get things in good repair. We make it our business to keep your roof performing well.
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